Facial Treatments

Butterfly MoonAll facials include a skin analysis followed by a cleanse, with a customized cleanser;  Clarisonic deep cleansing brush, removing deeply imbedded impurities while stimulating blood circulation, collagen production all the while relaxing you and your facial muscles.

All facials are customized with Biodynamic Organic Antioxidants, Botanicals and high performance peptides and Anti Aging ingredients. A customized exfoliant follows with light or deep extractions; a personalized mask with or without steam; head, neck, shoulder, arms & hand, massage with exotic Epicuren or Julique soothing body lotion or Aromapothecary oils and Hot Stones. Cranio Sacral Therapy is applied to neck & head area  releasing any and all tension and creating a sense of Well Being. The mask is removed with hot soft microfiber towels dipped in customized Medical Grade Organic Essential Oil ending in a personalized exclusive  mist, Advanced  Hydrating serum, replenishing moisturizer, Organic sunscreen with rose stem cells, lip and eye balm.  Joila! You are ready for your day, date or a peaceful serene ending to this beautiful indulgent ritual of skin nourishment and personal care.


Brightening Vitamin C Facial

This deeply cleansing, resurfacing, & invigorating facial not only brightens& lightens pigmentation & scarring, it stimulates collagen & elastin production for a healthy vibrant glowing skin.

The use of vitamin C serums & antioxidant extracts, trace minerals & lactic acid combine to provide life giving, age defying properties for a powerful but gentle solution with no down time.

A customized mask of papaya or pumpkin enzyme will further polish the skin with a healthy revitalized finish.

Sumptuous nourishing serums and deeply devine signature moisturizers end this ritual by satiating the cells with more antioxidants it needs to stay young & gorgeous!

Hot Stone massage to neck and shoulders allows you to deeply relax while the ingredients penetrate into the facial muscle for the most beneficial long -term transformative results.

One hour/$145

Vitamin C Brightening Express Peel

This 3o minute Vitamin C peel polishes and nourishes the skin with antioxidants and melanin inhibitors minimizing brown spots and sun damage.

This brightening peel leaves your skin glowing and nourished with a healthy revitalized lovely finish after application of serums, moisturizer and organic spf completes this ritual.

30 minutes/$75

The Fountain of Youth

For All Skin Types

This signature facial begins with a double cleanse, exfoliation in varying degrees of skin’s thickness; enzyme peel; percentage  based on skin type; three layered intra muscular mask, which tightens while lifting and stimulating Collagen and Elastin to the skin’s surface; minimizing pore size and pigmentation.  This mask is Antioxidant rich; nourishing cells, creating cell turnover, minimizing fine lines and wrinkles and healthier more vital skin.

The mask  is customized for  Impure, Pimented, Mature or Sensitive skin types .

While the mask lifts and tightens, you relax while being massaged with Hot Stones after which hot steamed towels  soaked in essential oils remove the mask followed by the Epicuren system of enzymatic concentrates, hydrating serums & nourishing moisturizes designed to improve the health, radiance , clarity and youthfulness of your skin.

    You look and feel ten years younger! Your skin is decongested, detoxified, smooth and glowing!
    A different healing benefit is achieved for each skin type based on the customized mask used to resolve the skin issue.
    Designed to be done in a series but try just one and experience a facial with results unlike no other!
    Before and after pictures are provided with a series for progressive results.
    The result is always the same. A healthy radiant glow


The Chroma Light Facial

Yellow light
Phytobiodermie Chroma Light Facial

The Chroma Lift is a 60 minute Facial treatment that improves all skin types with its full spectrum light. It energizes the facial muscle; toning, lifting, sculpting creating circulation, contour and diminishing redness and pigmentation.

    The Phytobiodermie method is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Philosophies.
    Therefore the choice of light is based on the healing sought for the skin condition with  Yin or Yang
    to tone or disperse inflammation.
    Light is also used on the body to balance and energize the Chi or energy of the vital organs while the face is being
    toned, lifted, sculpted and clarified.
    This light is not to be confused with LED as Full Spectrum light is significantly more profound and dynamic creating a healing effect for the skin’s condition. The facial includes a customized cleanse, exfoliation and mask with a variety of serums, extracts, and Anti Oxidants personal to your skin type used under the Chroma Light which increases the depth of penetration into the muscle thereby  nourishing the cells more thoroughly leaving a toned vitality to the skin while the body feels relaxed, centered and balanced yet energized. This treatment is customized to each skin condition with amazing and rewarding results.

$160  /60 minute treatment.

It can be done in conjunction with the most popular Anti Aging and healing Acne treatment by Epicuren coined

The Power Lift.”

Together the two render dramatic results for the following skin types.


Mature Skin is energized with contouring and toning bringing a  lackluster, depleted sagging skin to a youthful radiant healthy glow.

Troubled congested skin is clarified, detoxified and energized moving  stagnant toxins while encouraging circulation , blood flow and creating cleansing of the pores.

Rosacea & Sensitive Skin benefits from this energizing treatment with circulation and movement of blood flow reducing redness and decreasing sensitivity with facial exercise.

Pigmentation is balanced and minimized from this energizing treatment with a recommended home skin care regime.

Normal Skin will delight in an energized  healthy glow, radiating contoured , lifted and youthful skin.

The healing colors of light treat the following skin conditions:

Green Light Facial treats the imbalance of sebaceous glands; either a lack of secretion or an excess of oil. The manifestations are: Oily skin, blackheads/ hyper-pigmentation. The energy is warming and the affected organs are the liver and the gall bladder.

Red Light Facial addresses the imbalance of a lack of energy in red blood circulation or an excess.  The conditions are Red sensitive and or blotchy skin/ excessive perspiration and couperose are visible.  Cooling is required and the heart and small intestine are the energetic organs involved.

Yellow Light Facial will cause an imbalance in insufficient lymph drainage causing problems of toxicity.  The symptoms are blemishes, acne, enlarged pores. The spleen and stomach are involved and detoxifying is required.

Blue Light Facial in particular regulates oxygenation and retention of minerals.  Its imbalance will generally cause an insufficient retention of minerals with poor hydration resulting in a dull, flaky skin showing fine lines and wrinkles.  Oxygenation is required and the lung and large intestine are affected.

Water Facial shows an imbalance of water retention either in excess or dehydration.  The lack of skin tone, elasticity, wrinkles around the eyes and mouth and puffiness around the eyes and dark circles show up.  Hydration is required to balance the energy of the kidney and bladder.

The light balance & clarifies while energizing the circulatory system to resolve & heal the above conditions.

The result is an energized, revitalized skin with a renewed overall sense of well being  throughout.



The Mind Body Spirit Facial

An intuitive reading of the face as it relates to the body, emotions, and life style of the individual and their concerns. With the use of Phytobiodermie (light therapy), the body is energized and balanced according to the system or compromised organ. This is done while the body is relaxing and experiencing the relaxation and nurturing treatment to the face. This can include the Chroma technique or another customized Jurlique or Epicuren treatments for the face as intuited and created by Geneva with the Alchemy of Beauty. The individual feels centered with a sense of well being at the end of the session with results varying from sculpted, lifted, toned, clarified, or detoxified. This is a unique treatment to each and every individual; each and every time according to the concerns and status of the health and well being of the skin and body. A Take home regime is always recommended to reinforce the results of the treatment. A treatment series is also recommended for persistent acne or aging skin.

Summer Special:

Single treatment $160

Now $145 through Summer



Express Jurlique Facial

A 30 minute cleanse with Jurlique’s Organic biodynamic ingredients and cleansing system is followed by an exfoliation, steam with ozone & oxygenation; advanced hydrating serum is applied, moisture replenishing lotion or cream with lip and eye treatment ending in a Organic stem cell tinted sunscreen serum. = $60

Jurlique Facials

Cleanse.Extractions, customized masking, skin care analysis, Hot Stone Massage to neck, shoulders, arms and hands with Cranio Sacral Massage to head and neck.

Hot Steamed towels drenched in Organic Medical Grade Essential Oils are applied at the end to thoroughly remove the mask

and set the skin with a healing Oils of choice followed by  a cool beverage offered at the end.

A skin care regime is discussed based on the client’s skin care needs.

The difference between the 30 and 60 minute facial are extractions,  masking and massage is included in the

60 Minute Jurlique Facial = $100

Jurlique Resurfacing Enzyme Peel

A dramatic pore cleansing, illuminating skin smoothing resurfacing for brides to be or anyone with acne scars, thick skin build up or uneven surfaces.

Try one and do 3-6 for best results.


Series of 3 or more is $130 each

Jurlique Brightening Facial

A purely lightening bolt of Botanicals and boosters to diminish Malasma, pigmentation and sun damage while impeding Melanin production. Effective for new acne scars when done in a series of consecutive treatments.

Treatment includes brightening cleanser, microderm crystal exfoliant, brightening mask and booster with Hot Stone Massage Cranio Sacral Therapy to head, neck and shoulders  with Ozone Oxygenated Steam followed by steamed towels of essential oils to set the skin tone of skin ending in hydrating brightening C serum or Retinol (depending on time of day) moisturizer, Organic Coola Sunscreen, lip care with spf and bam, your’e a beacon of  light!!


series of 3 or more $115 each