Make Up & Body Treatments

Body RxsOver 30 years of Professional Make-Up Artistry using Mac, Stila, Laura Mercier and Nars; to name a few. Geneva uses a keen eye in determining the appropriate colors for the occasion.

Whether it’s a wedding, theatre, party, photo shoot or special event; a consultation and trial run is always a part of the services available for your special day.

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Phytobiodermie Body Treatments

body treatment with light therapy
administering a body treatment with light therapy

There are several body treatments available through Phytobiodermie and done with the Biodrainer (lymphatic drainage) and Chromapuncteur (Chromatherapy) upon request.

  • Lymphatic Drainage Full Face & Body
  • Energetic Body Balance
  • Cellulite Spot Treatment

Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic principles. During these sessions which include nutritional  & personal counseling, I customize the treatment to the individuals specific needs reducing inflammation and jump starting the energy to cleanse the body and reduce toxins.

Lymphatic Drainage Full face and body 90- 120 minutes – $295

Spot Treat cellulite with Chroma 50 minutes  – $90

Light Therapy Body Balancing 60 minutes – $90

The most popular and Multi~purpose body treatment done with the Phyto method is the Lymphatic Drainage for Face and Body.

Used helpfully for weight loss and detoxification.

Pre and post Chemotherapy patients have found a greater vital energy return to them with these treatments assisting detoxification, reduction in inflammation and a sense of health & well being.


Spring is the time to detoxify, lose that Winter weight and get ready for your bikini with a fresh renewed vitality and sculpted body only by cleaning from the inside out!

Increase Metabolism
Expedite Weight Loss
Assist Hormone Balance
Increase Circulation
Improve Skin Tone,Clarify & Vibrancy
Energize Vital Organ Efficiency
Support Digestion & Assimilation
Feel Energized
Look better, sleep better, charge your battery life & feel Renewed!

Free Express Facial with a series of 6 or more!


The body balance is also called a Chakra Balance in Ayurvedic Medicine. This is an Energetic means of raising the energetic level; otherwise known as Chi in each center of the body with the use of light therapy starting with the adrenals or first Chakra going all the way up the body to the Crown or top of the head. CranioSacral Therapy and Massage is also utilized to open and relax the body while the Chi fortifies each center, organ and system. The result is a balanced, centered state of being with the possibility of better nights sleep and equilibrium within the body. This treatment can be done once with great results or in a series to resolve & remedy issues arising in the body.

On the Facial Page we have addressed these issues as they correlate to imbalances in the body and their corresponding energetic organs and systems.

Visit our testimonials page to hear from clients who have experienced the Phytobiodermie body treatment for health issues and came away renewed!