Products Used

Guava Nectar Aromatherapy Emulsion – Seasonal Summer Special

Replenishes depleted skin with the exotic nectar of Sandalwood, Water Lily, Grapefruit and Guava. Intoxicating scents of the islands… with a moisture replenishing infusion to the skin.


Coola BB Cream Rosilliance 

Proprietary Rose Stem Cell Therapy spf 30. A tinted calming, soothing, hydrating serum to illuminate your skin with a glow from an Apothecary of rose stem cells. For all skin types and shades.


Coola Lipluxe

A tinted mineral lipcolor with Natural flavors of Hibiscus, Caramel, Minty Rose, Honey Peach, Fig & Earl Grey,  70%+  Certified Organic Ingredients. Broad Spectrum SPF 30. Water Resistance 40 minutes. Wear it and shine with a natural lip color all of your own.


EMK Anti-aging Serum & Supra™ Night Cream

The Serum is used by many doctors for post laser surgery as well as post face-lift procedures, burns, and post cancer removals on the scalp and face areas.  The healing power of the Serum and it’s lifting effects are quite phenomenal and are generally very quick when used 2-3 times a day.

The Supra (see attached article of testimonial) kept Whitney’s skin filled with Placental proteins, amino acids and Seabuckthorne Oil  assisting the healing process and keeping her skin hydrated.  The Supra is the one product  found for women and men who just want one thing to use for hydration and slight lifting without any serums or gels.

The Live Mask renders results by healing eczema and removing the chicken skin effect on the chest as well as the wrinkles on the neck.  The entire line is amazing…lifting, healing, hydrating, exfoliating (from a combination of “live” ingredients) cancer preventative, removes puffiness and tightens the skin around the eyes (Eye Patches), as well as changing the skin texture overnight.

There are no chemicals or harsh ingredients in this product.  Even the packaging is recycled material.


The Epicuren Enzyme Anti-aging System

Forty years ago cosmetic chemists from the Nobel conglomerate; a think tank of Nobel Prize winners and nominees discovered the Epicuren Enzyme in a developmental program at the Houston Burn Center. A protein enzyme was misted into oxygen tanks to accelerate healing and reduce burn patients scarring. The result was a more healthy vital skin.

The Nobel Science team, together with Robert Heiman; Epicuren’s founder, created  a protein enzyme mimicking the same ageless skin cell on the inside of our mouths that prevents the mouth from ever aging from conception to death. This enzyme also creates healing from burns to bites within three days. The discovery of a constant healthy cell regeneration became the foundation for Epicuren’s new anti-aging skin care treatment system.

How do enzymes work?

The science behind these superior performing products in a class all of their own, is in the discovery that enzymes improve the metabolism and cellular memory of dermal cells.  Enzymes reprogram cells to use more energy therefore needing more nourishment. The enzyme protein activates to enhance your skin cells rate of metabolism similarly to how aerobic exercise stimulates your muscles.  Epicuren acts as a catalyst to accentuate cellular changes.  In addition, your skin cells don’t respond to plant or fruit based products because they do not recognize them as their own. Your human skin cell only fully responds to its own familiar enzymes. The cell  must then be nourished to regenerate in a healthy state or it declines and ages. Epicuren has successfully created  human protein with elastin collagen that is combined with a base solution of niacin, biotin, and riboflavin.  With these vitamins and  enzyme protein the cell is nourished , the skin is healthy, glowing, lifted, toned and clarified.

Cellular Memory

Now that the skin is getting nourishment, dramatic changes are seen in the skin. The cells are stimulated, creating a domino effect of more cells trying to absorb and use their new found protein-enzyme nourishment (aerobics for the skin). Because each cell has a memory, our skin cells behave in an active manner demanding more nourishment from the body’s blood and oxygen. Cells copy each other which is why the memory of each cell must be changed to a healthier state. If this change does not take place cell memory continues to digress called “aging”. Here at The Alchemy of Beauty we do not accept this condition of aging with the right tools in place the choice is simple. A more healthier beautiful you!


Epicuren Product Spotlight:

Epicuren Glycolic Peppermint Cream

Epicuren Glycolic Peppermint Cream

A cream perfect for use as a wake-up morning skin moisturizer, or for an invigorating hand or foot rub, formulated with 5% Glycolic Acid, and natural Peppermint Oil. (4 oz)??

Active Ingredient: 5% glycolic acid from sugar cane.?

Ingredients: Sesame oil, lecithin, allantoin, panthenol, aloe vera, natural peppermint oil, safflower oil, sorbitan stearate, purified water.

Exfoliates and stimulates the skin by bringing blood to the surface capillaries.  It will bring on an invigorating cooling sensation to the new emerging cells.  It also stimulates lymphatic drainage.

Epicuren Gemstone Oilsall-sacred-oils-4oz

Three Exquisite Face & Body Oils by Epicuren Discovery with individual characteristics, functions, gemstones, and scents. Each consisting of 6 featured Ingredients:  Radish Seed, Camellia Seed, Almond, Evening Primrose, Jojoba, Apricot, Rosehip and Avocado Oils to create an intoxicating blend of silkiness and fortification to the most sensitive to devitalized skin types. Nourish~Awaken~Empower yourself and your skin today.

Jurlique Organic Skin Care

Welcome to a world of biodynamic Skin Care. Jurlique has been the pioneer with their natural approach to beauty for over 22 years.  Because of their efforts and superior products, they have paved the way for other skin care lines in the beauty industry.

Jurlique’s vision is of beauty is defined by one’s balance to self, nature and their community. It is a shared vision with The Alchemy of Beauty where beauty comes from a balanced mind, body, spirit connection. Through the use of these certified organic and biodynamic blends of living energy used in Jurlique products and grown on their farms, a balance can emerge for you through your skin.

The calming effects of the Aroma therapeutic compresses used in Jurlique’s specially prepared Hydration Essences has no parallel in its ability to still the mind and uplift the senses.

The compression technique is an ancient therapeutic art used as a lymphatic tonic for a sluggish skin.

Water soluble essential oils are personalized in each treatment to create “balance” and a uniquely enjoyable experience in each and every treatment. The press-release action creates lymphatic drainage resulting in a healthy-looking glow.

To further restore balance, hydration and enhance the power of subsequent skin care treatments and products, the uniquely aromatic Herbal Recovery Nite Mist is applied throughout the treatment to release its living plant energy and revitalize the skin.


Phytobiodermie is a Holistic and naturally energetic skin care line. It combines concepts of energy with European herbal pharmacopoeia. It offers a complete range of naturally energetic products for face, body and scalp divided into five lines; Phyto 5 for each of the five groups of skin conditions. It also has optional proprietary equipment (lymph drainage, light therapy and Bio-stimulation).

Its award winning Chroma-Lift facial is a comprehensive non-invasive lifting facial that uses colored clay masks, lymphatic stimulation and light therapy.

Phytobiodermie by definition is Phyto-plant, bio-life, dermie-skin. As it states, while working with organic essential oils, and clays on the skin we are working on the body as a whole to resolve the issues from the inside out.

The Phyto method is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic philosophies. In traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the philosophy is that when the vital energy is blocked or imbalanced, (chi) it affects all the functions in the body and their systems and organs as they are all linked and interrelated.

In Aesthetics we concern ourselves with the manifestations on the skin. TCM and The Alchemy of Beauty attempt to resolve and restore the root of the problem from the inside out.

Like Hippocrates, the great Greek philosopher and father of western medicine, he instructed physicians to find the blockages both within the patient and the cosmos in order to restore health and life.  He believed Nature is the source of healing.  Like Hippocrates, TCM, Phyto, and The Alchemy of Beauty, we practice energy medicine.  Restoring energetic disruption and internal flow in very specific pathways called the meridians of acupuncture which creates internal harmony in accordance with the external laws of nature. This belief is shared with Taoism in the over used Yin and Yang figures forming a circle, symbol of eternal perfection.

Yin & Yang

The goal of all energy medicines is the promotion and restoration of balance in the body’s vital energy.  The complementary Yin & Yang forces regulate this delicate balance. Yin corresponds to principles such as inner dense, cold, feminine, while Yang offers the opposite outer light, warm, masculine. Each energy contains the seed of the other, therefore changes (such as those in the body and nature) are seen as the result of one energy growing while the other contracts to make room for its partner and visa versa. When Yin or Yang is disrupted balance is destroyed and trouble arises. The dynamic interaction of these two forces is reflected in the cycles of the seasons, the human life cycle and other natural phenomena.

These explanations are given as a basis of understanding the Phyto method in regards to the products, treatments and equipment.

Colors & Light (Chromatherapy)

Chroma-therapy was part of the medicine of ancient Egyptians and Chinese people. Literally, it means healing-with- colors. It can be with colors of matter(walls, clothing, stones or other products to put on the body… etc.), or more potently with color of light, the purest form of  energy!

At the turn of the century, light therapy experienced a new level of interest and favor as many scientists and medical doctors had returned to the use of colors to heal serious conditions.

*In 1903 Niels Rinsen of Denmark received the Nobel Prize for successfully treating skin tuberculosis and other conditions with light therapy.

*In the 20’s and 30’s both Dinshah Ghadiali and Dr. Harry Riley Spitler, amongst others, conducted substantial research in light therapy and obtained many spectacular results.

But in the late 30’s with the advent of antibiotics, medicine and medical research were redirected towards chemicals, at the expense of everything else. Light therapy was temporarily forgotten. Today with the growing concerns over the long term effects of antibiotics on the immune system, thoughtful physicians and others have returned to older but proven methods that are more natural and non-invasive, such as light therapy. The new, but powerful, holistic approach to health, in search of alternative methods, has rediscovered color-therapy and other proven systems such as the traditional concepts of Chinese MedicineIn fact, traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines work well with chromatherapy. That is why chromatherapy is a logical extension of the Phytobiodermie method… As a result, Phytobiodermie became a pioneer in chromatherapy, first with its use of matter (with color clays, over 25 years ago, and it’s famous 5 clay mask and then with color light.

Colors are associated to specific energies defined by frequencies and wavelengths. Light, the purest form of energy divides naturally in seven component colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet). These seven colors correspond to seven major energetic centers called Chakras in Ayurvedic Medicine. Five of these colors correspond to the Five Elements of TCM. Each of the five colors is in energetic harmony with the pair of organs corresponding to each of the Five Elements and their specific energetic function. As a result, color as energy becomes a tool for energetic medicine. Naturopathic doctors practice light therapy. Their results depend on the energetic quality of the light. Since each color does not come in one or a few frequencies, but as a “wide range of frequencies”, the determining factor is the equipment and the range it yields. An LED light is designed to carry only a few frequencies and cannot carry the necessary range of required frequencies for good energetic work. Phytobiodermie’s Chroma light is wide range, full wavelength creating necessary energy for result oriented outcomes with the face and body.

Phytobiodermie was awarded the Prize for Innovation at the 1998 Beauty Trade Show in Paris, France for its use of light therapy. Color therapy is spectacular when applied with knowledge and experience. Working with Phytobiodermie you work with the pioneers. Beware of the imitators and self-appointed experts. You work with the best when you work with Phytobiodermie.

The Five Elements

The ancient Chinese saw how the cycles of the seasons profoundly impact everything from weather to plants, crops, animals and even human mental well being. We know how we all feel in Santa Barbara after a summer of fog and gloom and no sight of sun. Everyone walks around with low energy, sales are down, everything changes when the sun is absent.

The Chinese surmised that to each season corresponds a specific energy influencing all life forms, just like the cyclical movement of Yin & Yang. Therefore Yin & Yang were subdivided into five Phases or Elements: Wood, Water, Fire, Earth, Metal. The fifth element corresponds to the transition between seasons when the energy wanes and becomes the energy of the next season.

In addition, an organ color & energy  are associtated with each element. The following is a brief description of the 5 Elements and their relevance to the body and seasons.


Wood: Green Energizing, warming treatment to address saddle bags & gall bladder issues.

Fire: Red Cooling, calming, regulating for blood circulation and heart.

Earth: Yellow Normalizing, detoxifying, stomach and spleen regulation.

Metal: Blue or White Balancing-elimination for bloating or drawn and loss of minerals; large intestine issues.

Water: Black Toning, fluid retention, heavy legs, sun damage.


COOLA Organic Suncare Collection

coolaCOOLA offers three distinct lines of certified organic sun protection, including a Plant UV line and recently reformulated Mineral and Classic collections. Each line is formulated with different active ingredients and offers unique products, such as an award winning Mineral Baby or best selling Classic Face Cucumber. Additionally, they just launched an Environmental Repair Plus line (ER+) for pre+post sun skincare. When it comes to organic and natural sun protection, COOLA has you covered!

COOLA products are up to 97% certified organic and continue to pave the way in the suncare industry. Because they produce in limited quantity batches COOLA reformulates often, taking advantage of new developments in sun science. COOLA products offers high a performance suncare that is still both delicate and luxurious enough to compliment anyone’s daily skincare regimen, no matter how fussy.