Jurlique + Purelift Pro

The Perfect Partnership

Jurlique’s purest botanicals + PureLift’s expert delivery. 

Modern spa clients want the safest, fastest, most natural and effective solution they can afford. Increasingly, the right solution is a hybrid treatment that allows the consumer to take advantage of the speed and efficacy of cutting-edge esthetic breakthroughs while maintaining a “clean” natural regimen for their skin.

PureLift is the best solution for esthetic professionals to offer treatment with a non-invasive

high-tech facial lifting and sculpting tool. This device uses patented muscle stimulation to deeply activate and elevate your facial muscles, giving your clients the appearance of a fuller, more youthful face in just 10 minutes.

Jurlique has partnered with PureLift to create the Synergy-Lift Facial, a hybrid treatment that combines our nourishing botanicals with the easy-to-use PureLift tool.

Why Mists Are A Must

Why is the use of a Facial Mist critical with lifting devices such as PureLift?

The technology of PureLift relies on conduction to achieve its lifting and plumping effects. No conduction—no benefits.

It is important to remember that water is an excellent conductor of electricity; and so are you. The aqueous content of our tissues is conductive so, when we use water-based products, such as a facial mist, we are completing the circuit that is necessary for the conduction of electrical impulses.

Keeping the skin saturated during PureLift use allows a number of desirable changes to take place and makes it possible for the PureLift device to stimulate the underlying muscle tissues as well as facilitate rapid absorption of topical ingredients.

This is why the choice of the mist is so critical. By using a Jurlique Facial Mist with natural and clinically-proven hydrating ingredients, you get a “double-dip” in the benefits of a PureLift session.

So, whether this is a professional setting or at home, a Jurlique Facial Mist is the perfect partner to assist
your PureLift device in producing the optimal results every time you use it!



Micro-Current vs. PureLift EMS.

What is the difference?

  • PureLift is true-electro muscle stimulation “EMS” compared to micro-current and is built around a series of global patents, so the unique triple wavelength cannot be duplicated by anyone else.
  • Micro-current machines mimic the current that is naturally produced by the body.
  • Although it increases blood flow, it works at the level of the dermis only. While PureLift works on the dermis too, it also penetrates deep into the muscle!
  • PureLift is around 1300-1700 Hz compared to micro-current at 1-5 Hz – over 1,300 times stronger than micro-current!
  • Using the mid to high-frequency level can actually trigger a muscle contraction on the face without discomfort to the client, which can only be achieved by PureLift. (microcurrent cannot produce a visible sign of contraction)

Skin is Ready for Nutrients

The triple wave technology increases the permeability of the skin, prepping for the infusion of high-quality ingredients such as Vitamin C, peptides and other nutrients.

Use it Forever

The body can adapt to traditional micro-current tools, rendering devices ineffective within months of using it. However, PureLift uses a waveform which modulates the pulse duration and frequency to enable the continuous muscle contraction without adaptation. This means that your face won’t become resistant to the tool, which is a unique function only available with PureLift technology.

Why is PureLift more comfortable than traditional EMS and Micro-Current?

PureLift’s triple wave formulation has a patented low frequency and minimum width of 4μ (vs. 100μ) which is essential for a smooth and comfortable experience.

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