Micro-Current vs. PureLift EMS.

What is the difference?

  • PureLift is true-electro muscle stimulation “EMS” compared to micro-current and is built around a series of global patents, so the unique triple wavelength cannot be duplicated by anyone else.
  • Micro-current machines mimic the current that is naturally produced by the body.
  • Although it increases blood flow, it works at the level of the dermis only. While PureLift works on the dermis too, it also penetrates deep into the muscle!
  • PureLift is around 1300-1700 Hz compared to micro-current at 1-5 Hz – over 1,300 times stronger than micro-current!
  • Using the mid to high-frequency level can actually trigger a muscle contraction on the face without discomfort to the client, which can only be achieved by PureLift. (microcurrent cannot produce a visible sign of contraction)

Skin is Ready for Nutrients

The triple wave technology increases the permeability of the skin, prepping for the infusion of high-quality ingredients such as Vitamin C, peptides and other nutrients.

Use it Forever

The body can adapt to traditional micro-current tools, rendering devices ineffective within months of using it. However, PureLift uses a waveform which modulates the pulse duration and frequency to enable the continuous muscle contraction without adaptation. This means that your face won’t become resistant to the tool, which is a unique function only available with PureLift technology.

Why is PureLift more comfortable than traditional EMS and Micro-Current?

PureLift’s triple wave formulation has a patented low frequency and minimum width of 4μ (vs. 100μ) which is essential for a smooth and comfortable experience.

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