The Alchemy of Beauty

Meet Geneva

Geneva de la Rouge

Welcome to The Alchemy of Beauty. It is much more than a skin care studio; it is the natural outcome of Geneva de la Rouge’s healing arts journey and why she calls her work Transformational Skin Care.

Shortly after receiving her degree in Psychology, Geneva became a licensed Psychiatric Counselor. While helping others, she began to understand the source of their trauma as it showed up in its many physical and mental forms. She instinctively knew drugs were often a band-aid and not the path to real healing.

Her journey continued as she studied and became licensed in CranioSacral Therapy; Phytobiodermie, Nutrition, and as a Personal Trainer and Aromatherapist. While practicing these varied arts she discovered something profound and transformational.

The emotional body finds a way to express itself through the physical form which translates into Angry Acne or Rosacea, bitter aging lines of grief or emotional trauma and the like.

Transformational Skin Care gives a voice to the emotions allowing the physical to heal and come to peace & balance.

When balance is achieved, life becomes a wonderful dance, our skin and face radiate beauty and joy, and our lifeforce is lifted.

This is the goal of Transformational Skin Care and why so many put their mind, body, face and spirit in the loving, capable hands of Geneva de la Rouge.

Treat Yourself to Transformational Skin Care