From Paul Hurst
January 16, 2010

Dear Geneva,
I’m writing to Thank you for the truly wonderful experience you provided during my recent facial. As you know, I am in a service industry, and as such, tend to watch the services I receive more closely. I was referred to you by a close friend, who told me you gave her the best facial she had ever received, and that’s a real compliment, coming from her! And, I have to agree/ Although I’ve only had a handful of spa treatments (for most of my life, I thought facials were only for women!), I can tell you that the experience you provided was far superior to those I’ve had in expensive resorts, for the following reasons:

  1. You know your business.
  2. You provided Value.
  3. You genuinely cared.
  4. You obviously know what you’re doing.

As I mentioned above, I wholeheartedly endorse you to anyone I know who needs your service. Thanks again!

-Paul Hurst, Associate Broker for Prudential California Realty in Montecito, California. Full Letter sent via email on January 16, 2010. Click Here to read complete Letter from Paul.

Below please find a few testimonies from clients who have experienced the Phytobiodermie body treatment for health issues and came away renewed!

The astounding difference I noticed after my very first treatment was an increased energy level!  My cadence improved. I was able to out pace my son who is 6’2 while I am only 5’. He usually walks 3 feet ahead of me. My chest smoothed out, which normally looks like chicken skin. My sinuses drained which greatly relieved my allergy symptoms and I had a bicep. I may wear a sleeveless dress by summer.

– Nancy Griffin, 58 years old, lives in Bakersfield, Calif. Travels to Santa Barbara every 2 weeks for her Phytobiodermie treatments for the relief they give her for the past 2 years.

I believe the treatments to be extremely helpful to me.  They were relaxing and energizing at the same time.  The lymphedema I experience was greatly eleviated with each treatment.  The treatments were administered to me following 6 Chemo therapy treatments.  I felt that my body detoxified and recovered from the Chemo much quicker with the implementation of the treatments.  Geneva is experienced and thorough in her administrations, a total professional.

-Deanna Johnson from Carpinteria, Ca.

The Phytobiodermie treatments are wonderful. It aided in detoxifying my body, clearing up my acne and helping me to lose a significant amount of weight. If you are looking for a complete body detox treatment, I highly recommend the Phytobiodermie treatments.

– Jaimie Jenks, Montecito, Calif.

Having worked with Geneva over the last 2 years I am constantly impressed with her passion for quality of service and manner in which she provides her services. Geneva is aware of what her clients need and has opened my eyes to new products and services that best meet my needs. She also offers state of the art services and quality products. Her knowledge of product and what she does is top notch and sets her apart. She genuinely cares and is on top of her passion for providing new and exciting experiences, her approach at service is fantastic and keeps me coming back for more and I would and do recommend her highly.

– Alison Grube, Santa Barbara, Calif.

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