best mask

The idea of deep cleaning doesn’t always start with a Clay mask, it starts with a home regime which includes exfoliation. In fact, what most people need is a hydrating, nourishing & replenishing mask after a good exfoliation of course.

Most skin is water depleted and oil deficient. A clay mask works to loosen impurities and at the same time absorbs moisture and oils. If you have an oily skin, then water is what you are deficient in. A whole conversation unto itself!!!

The skin requires direct application of hydration, antioxidants and oils to replenish it’s deficiency. When taken orally the vital organs absorb all and everything leaving little to none for the skin; the largest organ of the body.

If a finger cut requires a bandage and ointment, the skin requires the same direct application to be effective. Water and food for the body is required for life, so is the same requirement for the skin.

Try something New this season with a Hydrating Mineral Mask to replenish tired, dehydrated skin or a Green Tea & Seaweed Soothing Mask to oxygenate, replenish, calm and detoxify while delivering essential nutrients to a sun damaged, thirsty skin.

If tight, toned skin is your goal, A.S.A.P. Masque Is the tight, uplifting cool citrus solution for you. This facial work out is sure to deliver results!

I find that most women choose Clay masks when they decide to do a home treatment simply because that is what is out on the market.

Hope this helps you understand you skin at a deeper level.