Essential for the girl on the go during the holidays is a “go-to” bag of goodies. Whether on the go or on the road or just your at home daily ritual, these basic 5 products are essential to skin health during every season.

Organic products are non negotiable as the choice for skin health.

Anything other than Organic products; is chalked full of chemicals which are imbalancing to the system, hormones & toxic for your vital organs and essentially aging.

Now lets choose your 5 Faves!

  1. Creme cleanser for Winter to give your skin the velvet finish without stripping it of it’s protective acid mantel.
  2. Fine grade exfoliant for a bi-weekly application to remove dead skin cells and increase circulation.
  3. A hydrating serum for the purpose of Hydration and Anti Aging. This doesn’t mean a Vitamin C serum or a Retinol serum. My recommendation is something with Rose which is calming, soothing, hydrating & healing during the frenetic holiday season of cold & dry winter weather. Never hesitate to over use your hydrant. Your skin will show it’s appreciation.
  4. Moisturize with a soluble moisturizer or a balmy one depending on your skin type. The idea is to trap the hydration delivering it deeper to the cells with a moisturizer that can be mixed with an Anti Aging oil.
  5. Organic Sunscreen (tinted is nice). My fave is Coola’s Rosilliance. It provides hydration and anti oxidants while allowing your skin to radiant under it’s protection.

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